Mutabbal. Dedicated to eggplant lovers

Eggplant is a handsome man, capricious in preparation, with an unforgettable taste when properly handled. It has a hard skin, but a soft and pleasant core. The oriental prince of vegetables with a plurality of minerals and vitamins with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties; lowering cholesterol and improving blood flow. Frankly, I think Russians don’t know … More Mutabbal. Dedicated to eggplant lovers

Mount of Tabbouleh

My blog is called Mount of Tabbouleh and there is surely the reason behind this name. I totally believe that Lebanon has two main symbols: picturesque mountains and incredible cuisine. Everything is quite clear with the word “Mount” in this case, but many of you might wonder what does Tabbouleh mean?! Though in the world … More Mount of Tabbouleh