LC Waikiki in Lebanon

Our relations with shopping are not easy at all. I am more attracted to the result rather than the process. Unlike other girls I hate to shop, select and try the cloths on. For me this is kind of a stress. But I love it when I have a lot of stylish and beautiful things in my wardrobe! The concept of Internet shopping is quite rare and undeveloped in Lebanon, plus due to my body shape (wide hips) I always need to carefully try everything on before buying. That is why I have to make sacrifices and to go to malls filled with shopping lovers.

Same difficult situation is with the fashion trends; I do stay updated, but most of them are not my thing!  I love the classy casual style with elements of elegance. In this regard, it is unlikely to see me wearing an extremely torn jeans, enormously high heels, a crop top and neck chokers. On the other hand, very casual and monotonous style is too boring. For me, the most suitable and favorite brands, that I tend to purchase during my trips to America or Europe, are Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Lacoste, U.S.Polo. But in Lebanon, where the word “affordable” barely exists, these brands are literally ten times more expensive. In addition to that, I am still searching for a job, so meanwhile trying to control my costs. In these circumstances I drew my attention on the recently opened LC Waikiki store.

LC Waikiki or LCW is a famous Turkish brand, that was founded by George Amoual in France in 1985. Later on, the brand’s owner started to cooperate with the Turkish garment factory which eventually bought LCW. The combination of good quality and reasonable prices contributed to the favorable development of the company all over the world.


And now it has opened its branch in City Mall Dora, one of the shopping centers near Beirut. I must admit I don’t really like this mall. The reason why my husband and I visited it, was the stand of NYX cosmetics, which is not easy to find in Lebanon. Walking inside City Mall, we saw a huge crowd of people – women, men and children of all ages. This was a newly opened LCW. I was curious to check the prices, quality and models, so we plunged into this chaos.

I have to say that this store wouldn’t interest the glamorous Lebanese women, who prefer to spend all their and their husbands’ salaries on designer cloths. All the pieces are quite usual, made of a mixture of cotton, polyester, viscose and acrylic. LCW offers casual models, mostly plain, but also multi-colored, striped and with prints. All sections are at the same floor, without any divisions between them. The sections are as follows: for  women, teens (both girls and boys), for men and for toddlers.The range in the store, despite its large size, is much smaller than on the official LC Waikiki website. It is possible that over time the assortment will expand, as it always happens when they see a large consumer demand.

Women’s department has a big number of cotton slim line tops of various colors. Several models of sweaters and pullovers are also presented in quite trendy shades. In other words, the range itself is not that wide, but the color variety is sufficient. There are business style and casual shirts as well, but to be honest I prefer to buy shirts in more expensive and classy places. There are some interesting models for the lovers of tunics and cardigans in the store, but at the time of our visit, the most popular sizes were already sold out. A lot of cotton and synthetic dresses are also available in LCW, but it’s not my style, so I just passed by them.

Unlike H&M, Pull& Bear and other casual affordable stores, LCW has a couple of nice models for men as well. I actually loved some shirts and pullovers, but my husband totally refused to stay in line to the fitting rooms, therefore we didn’t get him anything (his fault!). But I would like to come back again a bit later and better not during weekends.

Can’t say much about the children’s section, as we don’t have kids to shop for them. It seemed similar to H&M for example.

I did not plan to buy anything, but seeing these attractive prices I was forced to purchase a few items! Here they are:

1. Dark blue blouse with red-beige circles/flowers. This model is extremely popular in 2016! It’s very soft, light weight and cute, I totally fell in love. Though I had to pick the size L, as M was sold out, it still looks good on me. It is made of 100% viscose and looks great with tight jeans. Price: 30000 LL or 20$

This blouse looks much better in real than on the photo, the design is really trendy.
2. Thin long sleeve top in beige color with bordeaux stripes and decorated embrodery shoulders. It’s a simple casual model in trendy colors with interesting elements. Made of 67% cotton and 33% polyester, the top is very soft and pleasant to skin. I got XL size as a smaller one seemed to be too tight and short. Therefore I suggest you to try it on before buying. Price: 25000 LL or 16,7$



3. Thick jumper in a trendy bourdeaux color with tiny inclusions. Other available colors are: olive, mustard and pastel rose. Made of 98% acrylic and 2% viscose. This model is short as it’s meant to be worn with a shirt underneath. I don’t like short cloths, so I picked it in XL. Price: 25000 LL or 16,7$


4. Colorful ankle socks. I just love those, so positive! Especially for cold stony floors in Lebanon. Price per 4 pcs: 8000 LL or 5,3$


Conclusion: I liked LC Waikiki and I wouldn’t mind to come back again when the new collection arrives. It’s very affordable, and the quality for such a low price is impressive. You have to be selective to find something fashionable and “not too casual” there, but it’s more than possible to do. I also hope that the range will be a little more diverse in future!


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