I found a perfect tea recipe in Lebanon!

This magical drink is called Zhourat. And (for me at least) it’s a perfect combination of rich herbal taste, fragrant smell and beneficial property.

I should confess that I don’t drink coffee, which is almost a crime in an oriental country like Lebanon. Coffee here is everything and even more, it’s a part of hospitality, morning and evening routine. But this post is not about coffee. Let’s go back to my beautiful drinking discovery.

I usually drink tea, black or green, adding lemon, mint or cinnamon. I don’t like to add sugar as it detracts me from the original tea flavor. Sometimes I boil ginger with lemon, and this burning spicy mixture is a great idea for cold autumn and winter nights. But definitely not for Lebanese hot summer days. I also enjoy boiled chamomile, especially when I can’t sleep or have stomach discomfort. But even with this wide selection I was still searching for something new, interesting and surely delicious.

And I found it here, in Lebanon. Zhourat is a herbal tea that has the following components in it:

  • Lemon flowers, the source of vitamin C, which gives the drink fresh citrus taste and antioxidant effect.
  • Chamomile flowers that, as I mentioned previously, help to fight insomnia and calm an upset stomach down.
  • Marshmallow flowers (or Althaea officinalis), which are known for its anti-inflammatory property.
  • Lemon verbena leafs – bring a slight sour taste to this tea, and as the spice it’s frequently added to salads, vegetable dishes and even some desserts.
  • Damask rose (my favorite ingredient!), the oriental princess of Zhourat kingdom. A bunch of dried pinky flowers with a luscious smell and fine taste.
  • And last but not least, full of nutrients green tea which its bitterish tone.

Zhourat can be used during hot summer days as a cold refreshing beverage or on chilled winter evenings as a warm drink. This fabulous tea, a mixture of multiple plants, fills you will energy, freshness and provides a good mood for the whole day!


If you haven’t tried Zhourat yet, then I highly recommend you to try. If you are alredy a fan of it, then welcome to the club!


P.S.: Zhourat tea we always buy is called al-Attar, it is a Syrian brand of good quality and affordable price.


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