The castle made of love


What would you do for the one you love? Or out of love to somebody so dear and special? Would you risk or even give your life? Would you forget everything behind you just to be with this one and only? Or would you build a castle as the sign of your true feelings?

Love. This word is used in literature, in filmography and in lives of simple people all over the world. Some stories are bright, some are heart breaking. Some people love a new person every day; some can’t forget that special one until the end of the days…

Love. Noble men used to die for this word. Used to write deep long poems sitting under the moon light. Used to suffer from unshared love but keep on burning from this feeling no matter what. But is there love nowadays? In the life full of temptations, greed, business and benefits can we still truly love?

As for me, I was the biggest romantic ever since I was a kid. I would watch a love movie and then imagine myself being a part of it. I would consider the Cinderella and the Little mermaid stories with their handsome brave princes as the role models for all the girls in the world. But seriously, was I that courageous in real life to sacrifice and aim just for ONE single person?! And generally do such reckless people still exist? I found an answer to my last question here, in Lebanon. In the Shfouf mountains, on the 900 meter altitude, 40 km away from Beirut.

On the way from Beiteddine palace my husband offered me to visit a place he has never seen himself. He called it Moussa castle. I started to memorize who was this mysterious Moussa in Arabic history and which decade did this castle belong to. Until I saw it with my own eyes.  Though I wasn’t a big expert of ancient architecture, but this castle just didn’t seem old and oriental enough. It actually had a classical European castle shape with towers, a ravine across it and a small bridge in front of entrance. But it just didn’t look old! That was the moment when I got lost and decided to use “the modern answer to everything” (aka Google search). Later on we heard the story and it impressed us!


Moussa castle is a totally modern building, built by the hands of one single man whose name was Moussa Abdel Karim al-Maamari. Did you guys hear me well? ONE man built the CASTLE! He started his work back in 1962 and has been constructing it for more than 50 years. Young Moussa was interested in castles and had that big dream of building one, “turning sand into gold”. Unfortunately his teacher was quite unfair to him telling that “he would never accomplish anything in his life”. Moussa used to draw the drafts of his dream right in class, which was mocked by other students.

Here comes the love part. One of his classmates who used to make fun of the poor guy was a Lebanese girl called Saideh. Moussa was blindly in love with her! But the girl had an ultimate condition for the future marriage: she was eager to marry only the man who owned the castle. Quite a humble wish, wasn’t it? So her desire was a push for young Moussa towards his aim. And he fully accomplished it!

What would YOU do for the one you love?!

Mosaic windows inside the castle
Flowers out of the castle window
Figures all clayed by Moussa himself
Figures of oriental women clayed by Moussa
Biblical scenes

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