Mount of Tabbouleh

My blog is called Mount of Tabbouleh and there is surely the reason behind this name.

I totally believe that Lebanon has two main symbols: picturesque mountains and incredible cuisine. Everything is quite clear with the word “Mount” in this case, but many of you might wonder what does Tabbouleh mean?! Though in the world of vegans and food bloggers I doubt there are those who never heard of Tabbouleh. Nevertheless, I would be more than glad to tell you a little biography of this Lebanese dish.


Tabbouleh is originally an Arabic salad, which has a long millennial history. It was an important part of food routine in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. The salad consisted of several main ingredients: bulgur wheat, finely chopped parsley, onion and tomatoes with the lemon and olive oil dressing. Such a combination of products was chosen with the accordance of what ancient people of the region used to plant. Besides, this dish was very nutritional and nourishing, so it could give power and strength for the whole day.

Tabbouleh is one of the most famous and admired dishes in Lebanon until present days . It is in fact a salad, but can also be considered as a part of Lebanese mezze (small appetizers like hummus, eggplant paste called mutabal or yogurt labne). Bulgur in Tabbouleh can be replaced with couscous or very trendy nowadays quinoa. My favorite kind of salad’s serving is with lettuce or even cabbage leafs, so crunchy and fresh! You can also add mint, cucumbers or red pepper.

Tabbouleh with quinoa. Source:

Tabbouleh salad is a perfect option for vegans and for diet routine. However it also greatly matches with meat and fish. Lebanese usually enjoy family barbeques on Sundays, and Tabbouleh is always a big part of it. Juicy, spicy, crispy and incredibly healthy! So I would like to eat the whole mountain of it!




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